The Role of Volunteers: A Look into Droha Uganda’s Dedicated Team

The Role of Volunteers: A Look into Droha Uganda’s Dedicated Team In the heart of Jinja district, Droha Uganda’s dedicated team of volunteers serves as the driving force behind transformative change in communities like Bugembe. These volunteers embody the spirit of service and selflessness, playing a crucial role in the success of Droha’s projects and […]


MY name is Walidah Mohammed, 23 years old, I came to know the organization through my Aunt who had trained with them some time back. After my high school, the world got disturbed by COVID19 which lead to much instability thus my dropping out of school. Life was not easy until my aunt introduced to […]

Pre-Urban Farming

Am called Mariam, am 48 years old and a member of Nakabango Women Saving Group which was trained and supported by Droha Uganda .Before being trained by the organization how pre-urban is conducted, I had no idea about growing crops in plastics and sacks, feeding challenged me due to limited land which could not allow […]


Am called Daniel a resident of katende, I joined Droha on 02/9/21 as a shoemaking trainee, I was not aware of the organization until one friend of mine called mpooya introduced me to Droha where I was registered and started training. During my training, our instructor shared an idea of swipics/VSLAs where were trained different […]

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