DROHA Uganda: Empowering Girls to Stay in School.

DROHA Uganda is making significant strides in empowering girls to stay in school by addressing critical barriers to their education, such as the lack of sanitary pads and proper Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) facilities. In four schools across Kamuli and Jinja Districts—Buwagi Growers Primary School, Kyabirwa Primary School, Bupadhengo SSS, and St Mary’s Nawanyago Primary School—DROHA Uganda’s initiatives are transforming lives and promoting educational continuity.

One of the primary challenges girls face in these schools is managing their menstrual hygiene. Many girls miss school during their periods due to the lack of sanitary pads and proper facilities, leading to frequent absenteeism and, ultimately, higher dropout rates. DROHA Uganda tackled this issue head-on by conducting training sessions on making reusable sanitary pads. Additionally, they distributed 100 packets of reusable sanitary pads, each containing four pads. This initiative not only provides a sustainable solution but also empowers girls with the skills to make their own pads, promoting self-sufficiency and hygiene management.

Moreover, DROHA Uganda’s WASH awareness sessions have had a profound impact. By teaching students about the importance of sanitation and hygiene practices, such as hand washing and proper waste disposal, they have significantly improved the overall school environment. The installation of hand washing stations and training in liquid soap making further supports these efforts, ensuring that students have the necessary resources to maintain good hygiene.

Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) education is another critical component of DROHA Uganda’s program. Comprehensive sessions covering topics like puberty, reproductive health, and menstrual hygiene management have been instrumental in increasing awareness and understanding among students. The positive feedback from students, who now feel more comfortable and informed about SRH issues, underscores the success of these sessions. By equipping girls with knowledge about their bodies and how to manage changes, DROHA Uganda is also helping to curb the incidence of teenage pregnancies, which are a major cause of school dropouts.

The impact of these initiatives is reflected in the statistics: 3,813 students and 85 teachers were reached, with 55% being women and girls. The programs have not only improved health and hygiene but also fostered a supportive environment for girls to thrive academically.

Through these comprehensive efforts, DROHA Uganda is breaking down barriers to education for girls, ensuring they have the knowledge, resources, and confidence to stay in school and achieve their full potential.

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