MY name is Walidah Mohammed, 23 years old, I came to know the organization through my Aunt who had trained with them some time back. After my high school, the world got disturbed by COVID19 which lead to much instability thus my dropping out of school. Life was not easy until my aunt introduced to the organization. I was welcomed and registered free of charge. And was enrolled under Beauty and Cosmetology where we trained different ideas like VSLAs/SWIPICs, SRH and Pre urban farming.
Different techniques in saving were passed onto us but due to difficulties in the economy, I was un able to save as expected by my instructor. After nine months, I graduated and rewarded with a certificated and Hand drier which have helped me in changing my life. Immediately I applied for a job around Jinja town using my Certificate which turned successful and up to date am working with my boss very well because of the good skills acquired from Droha.
Secondly I opened my small saloon and employed some colleagues of mine who are operating on m behalf and using the hand drier give to me by Droha Uganda
Thirdly with financial ideas grasped from Droha, I was able to mobilized 25 members from my community and formed a VSLAs group to support our business. This has increased our incomes, improved economic well being thus thanking Droha for the support and Knowledge passed to me During Training of 9 months.

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