Am called Daniel a resident of katende, I joined Droha on 02/9/21 as a shoemaking trainee, I was not aware of the organization until one friend of mine called mpooya introduced me to Droha where I was registered and started training. During my training, our instructor shared an idea of swipics/VSLAs where were trained different techniques in saving and borrowing money. I liked the idea because one of my future plans was to become a businessman. so God helped me and trained for few months, graduated and I was given this machine, after the training of nine months, I mobilized my friends who also mobilized others and formed a group of 21 members, The group has continuously helped me in purchasing training materials. On 31st January 2022, I graduated with a starter kit of shoemaking machine which also helped me because I only borrowed 50,000/= for materials from my Sacco, started making these shoes which I could hawk to pay back the loan and save small. I went back to Droha and was give a second chance of training in welding free of charge. I take the opportunity to the organization for the good work and my they be reward abundantly.

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